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Then there's the group sex galleries, featuring fun scenarios like a Queen ordering her men to pleasure her, and a moonshine bust where the cops get naked with the locals...

Then there's the hunky naked hitchiker who gets picked up by a horny temptress... And the male stripper movies... and so much more it will take me forever to write about it.

For the Girls has been created by two women who were keen to offer other women quality erotica, superior to the other "4women" sites out there which are often run by male-dominated smut companies.

Every photo and movie on the site has been hand-selected because it will appeal to heterosexual women - so there's no gay men, no cumshots, no disrespect!

Better still, the site is also a women's ezine, so there's a huge archive of articles and columns, plus interviews, feature photos, sex advice, humour, games, jokes, e-cards, shopping and plenty more.

I recommend that you head over to For The Girls and see the future of women's erotica!

Female Fantasies
This great new site offers thousands of pics each depicting fantasy scenarios, like Roman orgies, kissing frogs, office seductions, medieval Queens, lesbian fantasies and two men at once. Let your imagination run wild at this great site.

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Women's Sexual Fantasies

What do women fantasise about?

Well, naturally this ranges from the outrageously obscure to the mundane ("I dream of having two men - one to do the dishes and one to do the laundry.") To narrow this down, it may be best to concentrate on the popular ones. To this purpose, I’ve created a list of common women’s fantasies. The list is based on two surveys – one from AskMen.com and another from Women.com, as well as the pioneering work of Nancy Friday and Margaret Leroy. You may be surprised at some of them.

Be prepared.

Men in uniform, especially firemen

Uniforms imply authority, and women are brought up to believe men should take charge in bed. Firemen are especially popular, as they bring in the “damsel in distress” element. This fantasy satisfies a desire to be rescued and then seduced by a man who knows what he’s doing. Women’s magazine Australian Women’s Forum charted massive sales when they featured a fireman as a centrefold. “I fantasize about making love with a firefighter covered in black soot,” says Marina in the Women.com survey. “Under his uniform he is Commando, and he's got a great body.”

Sex with a stranger

This usually involves meeting a mystery man for a night of passionate, anonymous sex. Lynn, a contributor to Nancy Friday’s book Forbidden Flowers, imagines a stranger talking dirty to her, even though in real life she finds profane language to be “fake.” Because the stranger doesn’t know who she is, a woman can be anyone, and do anything. This fantasy is all about freedom and letting go of inhibitions.

Romantic Heroes and Movie Stars

Women often include real-life actors in their fantasies. A survey at Women.com revealed an interesting variety of fantasy partners, ranging from Clint Eastwood to Paul Stanley from KISS (complete with makeup) to The Rock from WWF (I imagine him laying me on the wrestling mat and having his wild ways with me!"). An extension of that is a fantasy involving a character from a film or a book ("Ever since I was a teen, I've loved Zorro. The mask and dark outfit turn me on!”).

Domination - of others and by others

Ordering another to perform sexual acts, like cunnilingus, is a common female fantasy, as is spanking him and making him beg. This may not necessarily be in a typical BDSM context; it may simply be in the bedroom. The main idea is having the woman’s needs fulfilled without any need to reciprocate.

The reverse of the above is also common. In this fantasy, a woman is ordered to perform sexual acts, but all of them lead to her pleasure. In some fantasies a women refuses to obey, and is punished through more pleasure. Domination implies the removal of will – and this helps the woman deal with guilt she may have about feeling “unwomanly”pleasure.

Having an audience

It may be one viewer, or it may be a colosseum full of people cheering, but having an audience while having sex with a partner is a common female fantasy. Nancy Friday points out that in this fantasy, an applauding audience sees a woman as she really is – naked, erotic, uninhibited - and compliments her on it by cheering. The woman’s ability to make others feel aroused also provides a feeling of power, and a delicious ego boost.

A clinical atmosphere

Variations on the “being watched” and domination themes often involve women being examined by doctors or experts, or being the subject of some kind of experiment. “I imagine I’m at the Masters and Johnson clinic with their ‘fucking machine,’” says Noranna in Forbidden Flowers. In an earlier chapter, Sophie details being strapped to a table in front of a group of men in white coats. “The head doctor announces that the gentlemen will soon witness a female orgasm.” Again, there’s the ego boost from being considered special enough to “study”, as well as the voyeuristic pleasure of having an audience.

Group sex

There are two main kinds of group sex in female fantasies: the football team/motorcycle gang kind of group sex, and the sensual, lush Roman orgy. The former sees a group of men worshipping the woman and complimenting her as they take turns. “[The players} tell each other how lucky they are to have sex with a beautiful woman like me,” says Isabel in Forbidden Flowers. “Naturally, in a fantasy, no-one can refuse me.” The latter sees equal numbers of women and men touching all parts of a woman’s body as she touches theirs. This is far more romantic and often involves unreal situations. “I am the centre of attention at a large orgy in a sultan’s opulent palace,” says Jan. Both fantasies are often ego-driven; the others pay complete attention to the woman and her pleasure.

Getting paid for it

In an extension of the audience fantasy, many women imagine themselves as a stripper, or go further and fantasise about being a prostitute. In many of these fantasies, the woman is the equivalent of a well-dressed and pampered courtesan, as opposed to your average oppressed street-walker, and her clients are all fabulously rich men who know how to make her orgasm at the drop of a hat. Once again, this fantasy focuses on the ability to induce arousal in others and the consequent feeling of power.

Two men at once

While many women are curious about double penetration, Askmen.com found that a surprisingly common fantasy involves being penetrated by one man as another simultaneously performs cunnilingus. (Whoever manages to create this particular piece of content will be sitting on a goldmine.) Other variations include being penetrated while having her nipples licked by another man. In all situations, both men work towards her pleasure, ignoring their own.

Strap-on sex

The invention of the strap on has given women a field day, and it has only recently appeared in women’s fantasies. The women who responded to Askmen.com’s survey imagined penetrating their man anally and being turned on by the power and his vulnerability. An alternate strap-on fantasy involves screwing another woman, perhaps with the strap-on being linked to her clitoris, so it becomes a virtual pleasure-giving penis.

Bisexual and lesbian affairs

It’s not just men who are turned on by the idea of a little “hot lesbo action”. But this time there are no men involved. Having sex with another women is a fantasy of gentleness and sensuality; it’s about touching another soft hairless body, and being pleasured by one who knows exactly how to touch you… there. “The lesbian fantasy becomes a dream of perfect sex,” says Margaret Leroy in Pleasure, “a repository for all those bits that are missing from sex with men.” Invariably these fantasies are also very romantic, and feature an intuitive, magical relationship with the female lover.

The Father of my Child

A distinctly unexpected female fantasy involves admiring and passionately making love to a man in order to create a baby. Margaret Leroy recounts the story of a woman who was attracted to a man until she learned he’d had a vasectomy; Leroy calls this “the eroticism of fertility.” This fantasy is charged with a great deal of emotion, but is nonetheless extremely sexual, and it may be the only exclusively female sexual fantasy.

Teaching and Learning

In this fantasy, the woman takes a young man and teaches him how to have sex. “A young boy is brought to my bedroom and I teach him the right way to make love,” writes Jill in Forbidden Flowers. Perhaps this dream embodies a desire to encounter a better lover, or for all men to improve their technique (!). Alternately, a woman will imagine she’s a virgin and is taught by an older, wiser lover. “The ‘queen’ lesbian decides I need training in female love,” writes Delia. The fantasy erases all those unsuccessful sexual fumblings of early sex, and allows the woman to begin again.

Non consensual sex

That’s right folks… rape fantasy. But this doesn’t mean women dream about being raped in the normal, legal sense of the word. Instead, the fantasy is all about being made to experience pleasure against one’s will. This usually involves a rough, handsome stranger pinning the woman up against a wall and forcing her to orgasm. Rape fantasy is common because it removes the guilt which women often feel about their own pleasure, and places responsibility for their actions elsewhere. It’s important to note that rape fantasies don’t involve any real violence, and the attacker is always interested in the woman’s pleasure and not his own. This is, of course, vastly different from real sexual assault.


This is the real shocker. Nancy Friday’s books contain numerous references to sex with dogs – whether they are licking or humping the woman. Why does this appear so often? A woman who (to her own bewilderment) fantasises about being screwed by a dog while a gang of men watch gives a hint. “The best idea I can come up with is that the dog is the best fucker in the group… no man can top him.” Friday suggests a hidden anger behind this image, and a form of revenge on men. Again, it should be stated that these are only fantasies, and have little bearing on a woman’s real sex life.

Women’s sexual imagination stretches way beyond the fantasies mentioned here. Scenes change, characters alternate, real life is dramatised.  Nonetheless, the above fantasies tend to be quite common across a wide range of women. 

The adult industry is only just beginning to cater to these fantasies. At present the only adult videos dealing with this material are Candida Royalle’s Femme series. Hopefully more content providers will begin to adapt these ideas, to create a larger range of material for adult webmasters, a development which will keep women – and their credit cards – happy.

If you want to know more about this topic, I recommend all of Nancy Friday’s ground-breaking books about women’s sexual fantasies: My Secret Garden, Forbidden Flowers and Women on Top. I also recommend Pleasure: The Truth about Female Sexuality by Margaret Leroy.

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