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The Bad Boy The Fireman The Man Who Loves Housework

This is just a few of the hunky straight fantasy men on offer!
We've got sailors, cowboys, construction guys, outdoor types, and movie-star-gorgeous men!

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Erotic Fiction

"He was kissing her before she was ready, tasting the fruit around her mouth eagerly.  She met his lips with a subtle hesitation, wanting him to think she wasn't such an easy prize, although it was a foregone conclusion.  In reality, she had no choice, submitting to his roving hands with a mixture of obedience and desire, letting her robe fall to reveal her taut flesh."

Let your imagination take flight with Female Fantasies' erotic fiction. Explore a variety of fantasy scenarios in a way that only the written word can convey.
All the stories on this site have been written by the webmistress, for female readers.

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Female Fantasies offers you access to quality movies chosen because they appeal to women.

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Find out more about women's sexual fantasies and discover the diverse world of female erotic imagination.

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