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Welcome to Female Fantasies!

This site offers a sumptuous selection of photos depicting and exploring women's sexual fantasies.

Female fantasy is rarely the focus of erotica and porn. Often it's the male fantasy that is depicted. This site aims to redress some of that imbalance by offering up a selection of photos that depict some popular female fantasies. The focus is on sensuality and imagination.

Indulge your imagination and satisfy your wildest desires!
Female fantasies - sex with the Romans!

Imagination is pleasure's spur...

Bondage Fantasy 

Slave Fantasy 

Lesbian Fantasy 

Close your eyes and let your mind wander to those secret places where you are the Queen Of All Pleasure, where ecstasy is your sole purpose, where only sensuality and sex reign.

Lie back and dream of having two men at once, one licking you while the other fucks you from behind...

Slowly fantasise about bedding a gorgeous lesbian, her lips kissing and caressing you...

Lick your lips and imagine yourself as a queen, forcing your handsome male slaves to pleasure you...

Imagine yourself being watched as you slowly touch yourself... Picture being rescued and made love to by a handsome fireman... Envisage an intimate encounter with a dark stranger... Think of an erotic examination by the doctor... And imagine yourself as the slave, or the master.

Do you ever wish your secret desires could come to life?

  Now, let's begin.

Bisexual Fantasy 

Queen Fantasy 

Massage Fantasy 


A little bit more about female fantasies:
Women's sexual fantasies are incredibly diverse and can range from the relatively mundane to the completely bizarre. Thirty years ago Nancy Friday wrote My Secret Garden, a book that revealed for the first time exactly what women were thinking about during sex. Before that, it was widely assumed that women didn't have sexual fantasies. This perception seems to persist in the porn industry, which rarely acknowledges that women even look at porn, let alone tries to cater to female fantasies. I'm tired of this, so I've sought out erotic content that had a fantasy element to it, and that depicted at least some of the more popular female sexual fantasies.

These popular fantasies include: sex with a stranger, sex with two men at once, lesbian encounters, having an audience, sex with famous men, men in uniform, penetrating the man, being examined or experimented on, group sex, teaching male virgins how to have sex, domination, submission and bondage, and even sex with the family pet. (You can read more about popular female sexual fantasies here.) These are all simply imaginings, which help to spice up sex and get women over the line to orgasm. Most likely very few women would want to live out their fantasies, at least in terms of the more graphic and bizarre ones. At the same time, it helps to be able to explore fantasy through erotica, which is what this site aims to do :)

If you're a man visiting this site, feel free to join and engage with an aspect of femininity you may not be familiar with (you'll also get plenty of mainstream porn if you do, so please don't hesitate to come on in!). If you're a woman, welcome. You've found one of the few places on the internet that is genuinely attempting to offer legitimate erotica for women.

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Female Fantasies is an Adult Site for Women. If you are under 18 or easily offended you should exit now!

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