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Female Fantasies

Samples of some of our sexual fantasies for women

Fantasy 1 - Slave of the Amazons

Handsome Roman soldier Maximus is captured by the beautiful, terrible Amazon women, and challenged by the Queen to a contest of swords.

During the battle their lust overcomes them. Maximus becomes the faithful love-slave of the great Queen, and makes love to her on the temple stairs.

Fantasy 2 - The Examination

Katie wasn't looking forward to her yearly pelvic examination, until she met the good looking young gynaecologist. Her heart was thumping as he removed the sheet and began to examine her.

Before long, the doctor was looking at her very, very closely. She knew this was more than a routine checkup...

Fantasy 3 - Elysian Field

On a warm summers day, slave girl Erin accompanies her Roman master and his family on a picnic. She is taken to a private grassy field by him and seduced.

Erin gladly surrenders her body and her heart to the man she has long desired.

These photos also illustrate an erotic story. 

More Fantasies

Artist's Model
Katrina agrees to do some nude modelling for her artist friend. Entranced by her beauty, he cannot help himself and seduces her.
Piano Lesson
Michael's piano lesson turns steamy as teacher Jan is unable to stop herself from touching him. They go on to make music together.
Kissing Frogs
Dreaming by a pond, our lonely heroine kisses a frog, and turns him into a handsome, well hung and very horny hunk, who only wishes to pleasure her.

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